Build Local Broadband

It’s 2020, and many North Carolinians don’t have reliable access to affordable, quality Internet service. From slow speeds to unreliable connections and high prices, the list of issues is long and frustrating. Our communities should be able to partner with local Internet providers to solve these problems, but out-of-state corporations are blocking us from choosing providers who could give us the Internet service we deserve. Sign the petition to support local Internet choice for North Carolina.

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Across the United States, hundreds of local governments in similar situations have invested in their own networks or created partnerships to expand access to everyone. They have developed a range of models with different approaches that fit communities large and small, rural and urban, and also take into account local appetite for risk.

And yet, communities in North Carolina cannot solve this problem locally because big, out-of-state companies like AT&T and Charter Spectrum have convinced the legislature to interfere in this crucial issue. This is a problem we can fix.

Please sign up to help us make sure everyone can get high-quality Internet access across the state. We will share ideas, strategies, and keep you posted on what is happening so you can take easy action when the time is right.