Take Action

We are well beyond just hoping that a distant corporation will invest in a high-quality network and price it reasonably, or that elected leaders in DC or state capitals will craft the right program to connect everyone. Communities that wait will languish while those that take informed action will thrive.

Here are some things you can do to help your community achieve better connectivity. Education matters and local leadership is essential.

  1. Sign up for alerts and occasional news stories.
  2. Share the petition, speed test, and survey with your friends.
  3. Help collect data by completing our survey and speed test.
  4. Write a letter to the editor of your paper stressing the need for a local solution for better broadband Internet access.
  5. Talk to a group you are a member of – a church group, civic group, or host a special event at a local coffee shop or brewery (or perhaps create a packet of materials to mail to members of the group now). Consider sharing a video and having a structured conversation about local possibilities. If we could start having local groups pass resolutions supporting local solutions to expand broadband, that would create some real momentum.
  6. Talk to local – town or county – officials about the need for local actions to improve Internet access. See our solutions page for examples.
  7. Organize a trip to Raleigh or other effort of local residents, businesses, churches, etc., to talk to state officials about the need for local solutions to encourage broadband investment.

Ultimately, real change will require engaging with elected officials at all levels. State and federal elected leaders must stop creating barriers to local solutions. If these networks were less expensive or easier to build, we would have more solutions – but local governments are important when it comes to essential infrastructure and they should have the freedom to develop solutions in fitting with local culture and desire.

Until legislators understand that constituents are watching carefully, they will quietly vote with AT&T or conspire to prevent votes to keep the powerful out-of-state lobbyists happy and keep those campaign contributions coming in.